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We are known for our high-quality education and focus on the overall development of our students. The school offers a comprehensive Curricula that includes both CBSE and Cambridge International examinations, giving students the opportunity to choose the path that best suits their needs and goals.

DPS Robolabs


Delhi Public School Nacharam is one of the Best CBSE & Cambridge Schools in Hyderabad. We at DPS prepare our students for life, availing them to develop lasting ardency for learning and an apprised curiosity. The school is affiliated to IGCSE which is one of the most sought-after and recognized qualifications in the world.



3D printing &

(Internet Of Things)

AI (Artificial


Otto Robot

Student outcomes

Critical Thinking

The ability to think clearly
and rationally, understanding
the logical connection
between ideas

Logic reasoning

The ability of a candidate to understand and logically
work through concepts and
problems expressed in words


A measure of efficiency of a person completing a task

Coding skills

The knowledge and understanding of languages,
frameworks, and architecture.

Analytical Skills

The ability to deconstruct information into smaller
categories in order to draw


when an individual who has an idea acts on that idea, usually to disrupt the current market with a new product or service

Events Occurred

Wheelathon 2019

Heritage Walk 2020 | DPS Nacharam

Baby’s Day Out


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